Entrepreneurship Education

Ewing Kauffman Foundation of Entrepreneurship

- The Foundation is amongst the thirty largest foundations in the United States devoted to entrepreneurship. The vision is to foster "a society of economically independent individuals who are engaged citizens, contributing to the improvement of their communities."

Stanford University's Entrepreneurship Corner

- Offers access to videos and podcasts, featuring entrepreneurship and innovative thought leaders.

Europa -Promoting Entrepreneurship in Schools and Universities

- Focuses learning on entrepreneurship from primary through to university. "The key is to develop competence of entrepreneurship from an early age."

BBC News

- In an article titled "Can you teach entrepreneurship" written by analyst Mike Baker, the question, "Is business enterprise in your genes or can it be taught in the classroom?" is discussed.

An American Internet Entrepreneur -Jimmy Wales

- Founder of Wikimedia Foundation, which operates and as the co-founder of, Jimmy Wales talks about FAILURE - an inspirational talk for young entrepreneurs.

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Strategic Documents

This area contains links and documents relevant to the history or to the mission of the Caribbean Science Foundation (CSF) and/or CADSTI.

* 3-Year Strategic Plan for the CSF
* Proposal for the Establishment of a Caribbean Science Foundation
* Programme of the CADSTI Launch
* Other Information related to the official launch of CADSTI


These are presentations given by CADSTI leaders or hosted by CADSTI on relevant topics.