The Caribbean Diaspora for Science, Technology & Innovation (CADSTI) is an international body of professionals who have an interest in the development of the Caribbean region. CADSTI recognizes that there is a vast talent pool within the larger Diaspora whose skills go untapped by the Caribbean community. Structurally, CADSTI is organized as a network of branches in various cities throughout the Diaspora. One of its goals is to facilitate the networking that will bring resources from the Diaspora to the Region for the mutual benefit of all parties.The branches that have been established to date include: Other branches to be established include CADSTI-Mid Atlantic Region (CADSTI-MAR) and CADSTI-New York- New Jersey (CADSTI-NYNJ).

Mission Statement

The mission of the Caribbean Diaspora for Science, Technology & Innovation (CADSTI) is to:

Facilitate the economic and social development of the Caribbean Region by mining and harnessing the diverse, dispersed and largely untapped talent of the Caribbean Diaspora in the areas of science and engineering.

In particular, the CADSTI will:

Promote and support science-and-engineering research and education in the Caribbean region as a means of advancing public health and catalyzing economic development, understanding, and prosperity.


To achieve its mission the CADSTI is engaged in the activities outlined below.

  • Connect with and catalogue key elements of the Caribbean Diaspora throughout the world.
  • Identify the most critical needs of the region in collaboration with government and business leaders, national research councils and other experts throughout the region, and establish appropriate working groups to address these needs.
  • Inform government, business and societal leaders of the results and broader societal implications of world quality research, particularly in areas of regional importance, which may currently be unfunded or funded at a sub-critical level.
  • Mobilize global financial resources in support of the mission and objectives of the science and technology organizations of the region.
  • Foster and support the training and development of future leaders through international fellowships, through the interchange of scientific information, and through strategic cooperation between the universities and centers of excellence in the region and those in foreign countries.
  • Recommend and encourage the pursuit of national policies for the promotion of basic research and education in the sciences, medicine and applied technologies.
  • Identify and support activities designed to increase the participation of regional innovators and entrepreneurs in science and technology, and to encourage joint venture research, development and commercial spin-offs between Caribbean based colleagues and those in the Diaspora.

CADSTI Brochure

A. Print Version For anyone wishing to help us raise awareness of CADSTI and its work, here is the print version of the CADSTI Brochure. This three-panel print version is designed for double side printing on letter-size paper followed by two folds to convert it to a hard copy of the brochure. Please feel free to print and distribute as many copies as you need. We thank you for your efforts!
B. Screen-friendly Version This screen-friendly version of the CADSTI brochure contains the same information as the above print version, except that the panels are in the normal order.

Caribbean Science Foundation

Projects in the Region are implemented by the Caribbean Science Foundation (CSF) which was established by CADSTI as an independent non-profit non-governmental organization in 2010. The primary mission of the CSF is to assist with the diversification of the economies of the Caribbean countries by:
  1. Promoting education reform that places more emphasis on: (a) Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM), (b) business and entrepreneurship fundamentals, and (c) foreign languages and communication skills, and
  2. Stimulating more technology-based entrepreneurship via the funding of science and technology (S&T) projects in new and existing small enterprises on a competitive basis.
The Three-Year Strategic Plan of the CSF can be found here. The headquarters of the CSF are located in the CARICOM Research Building on the Barbados campus of the University of the West Indies. More information about the CSF and its on-going projects can be found at http://caribbeanscience.org. The figure below illustrates the structure and the role of CADSTI and shows it as one of the support pillars of the CSF. CADSTI-CSF Model.jpg

Database of Professionals/Consultants

CADSTI maintains a database of Caribbean science, technology and business professionals. It is intended for this database to be a resource useful to governments, industries, universities, other institutions and, in general, the people of the Caribbean. CADSTI will keep your detailed biographic information on file but will display only your basic information publicly on this website. If you want no information at all displayed, when you join please check the appropriate security box at the end of the application form.

CADSTI and CSF are often asked to help provide solutions to technical and policy problems in the Region and the Diaspora. It does so by recommending members in its database as consultants for these opportunities.  In the case where the consultant charges a fee for his/her services, the consultant is expected to make a contribution to the work of the CSF.  Such contributions are part of the sustainability mechanism of the CSF.

If you are a professional in the science, technology or business fields looking for a way to contribute to the Caribbean region, please consider joining CADSTI. Further, if you are interested in helping to set up a branch in your city or contributing to the work of a branch in your city, please contact Professor Cardinal Warde, President of CADSTI.